Wednesday, March 6, 2019

College After Cancer - Free Online Training Balance After Cancer Foundation


What is Balance After Cancer? 

I think a lot about helping people who experience cancer - so much so that I founded a nonprofit, Balance After Cancer Foundation and have based a lot of what I can do to help others based off of my life experiences and expertise. My expertise in teaching college and helping students be "college ready" (I wrote the book about it - check it out here) led me to develop a FREE online class to help young adult and pediatric cancer survivors get ready for college or furthering their education.

Though I do not know what it is like to truly be a "young" cancer patient (though at 39 years old with my diagnosis and type of cancer, I was considered "young"), I have had the pleasure to meet many young cancer patients and know that those who are impacted with this disease at a younger age have a unique experience and unique in cancer world is NOT GOOD.

It is harder to get to work, to live a normal life and with (hopefully) 50 or more years of survivorship ahead of these young folks impacted by cancer, having help to get a foot up regarding college and schooling is well needed.

Why me?

Lucky for me, I was able to get my MBA at 22 years old after completing my Bachelor's degree at 21 years old - yes, I was a baby. In fact, during my MBA program, that was my nickname "Bambina" - oh did I add on the extra level that I was able to study for my MBA in Rome? Ok, do you hate me? Well, the point of my introduction there is that I was so damn lucky that I did not get hit with the c-word until I was 39. I mean, I wish I and everyone else who experiences the words, "you have cancer" never heard them or will hear them in the future. We know we are not there yet so we have to make the best with what we got which is at least my degrees were done - nothing can take those degrees away from me.

I worked for many years in Corporate America, climbing the ladder within financial services and publishing industries starting in 1999 and while doing that I concurrently began teaching college in 2003. When I left Corporate in late 2009, it was to focus on teaching at the University level and to pursue my doctorate degree. I did not complete the doctorate but I did continue to teach at local universities St John's University, Wagner College, College of Staten Island and Caldwell University both online and in person.

During these years of teaching college (2003-2016) I began to realize the abilities and skill sets of my students was shifting away from career readiness. I also noticed the extreme issues the students were facing such as drugs, suicide and more.

Each class I taught became an exercise of love and a mix of real world and textbook materials. I would take my classes and shake them up, make a resume part of the curriculum, work on public speaking and other soft skills and all of that wound up in the book I wrote in early 2016 called, "The Book on College Readiness". I also taught online and in person and have an affinity for both types of teaching.

FREE Offerings - NEWEST Online Course "College After Cancer" 

Now, to the good stuff, my nonprofit offers free programs including online courses in "work readiness" and "college after cancer" as well as a writing workshop and one on one coaching. If you have experienced cancer as a previvor, survivor or thriver, I want to find a way to help you. There are multiple workbooks on getting back to "normal" after cancer and being college ready - the books are currently offered at a small cost but I do hope to provide the books for free soon. You can put in a book request here. You can sign up for the introductory FREE College After Cancer course here - it will be launching on 3/15/2019. I cannot wait to meet you and help you! 

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